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Respekt - promoting a culture of life

Welcome to the web site of Respekt, the Catholic pro-life movement in Sweden working to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

Respekt conveys Swedish and international news concerning the dignity of life in the area of medicine. We inform people about issues related to medical ethics through newsletters, our web site, seminars and other events as well as funding and promoting printed material.

The web site provides background information, ethical analyses, news and a wide number of relevant articles and links on the following topics: 

• Life values
• The origin of life
• Saving lives
• The end of life
• Health care priorities
• Genetics

Respekt also offers private guidance and answers questions related to family planning, pregnancy and abortion on

Respekt participates in the current debate around life issues and co-operate with other national and international life movements in furthering a culture of life. On the third Sunday of Advent the Catholic Church in Sweden celebrates Life Sunday. All proceeds go to Respekt’s Life Fund, which finances and supports initiatives that promote the sanctity of life. Contributions are given to organisations as well as individuals, and since 2002 we have donated over 2,7 million SEK.

The web-site is available in Swedish only. For information in English, please e-mail us on or ring us on +46-(0)8-50 55 76 86.

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