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About Respekt

Respekt is a Catholic movement working to promote the inviolable dignity of the human being, from the conception to our natural death.

Bishop Anders Arborelius, now cardinal, founded Respekt in 1999, making it an administrative unit of the Catholic diocese of Stockholm, fully funded by the diocese, with the aim of promoting a culture of life in Sweden and further the efforts of the Church with regards to bioethics. By actively participating in public and media debates about current topics where the value of human life is at risk, we stand up for the teaching of the Catholic Church and the right of life to each and every human being.

Palliativ vård

We work with other entities such as like-minded organisations, other Churches and denominations, the Christian Council of Sweden, Catholic parishes and a large number of individuals who all share the Christian conviction of the value of all human beings.

Every year we donate a large sum of money, through our Fund for Life, to organisations and initiatives that work for the very weakest members of society who often cannot speak for themselves: the unborn, the elderly, those with disabilities, orphans, vulnerable families, and similar groups.

Our website is divided up into various topics, each providing in-depth information and a thorough, ethical analysis together with relevant news, links to articles, frequently asked questions and answers, as well as links to a large number of resources for those wanting to know more. The website also contains all of our booklets and printed material, free of charge, which can be read online or downloaded.

If you have any questions about our work or a more personal question, please contact us on [email protected]. If you would like to know more about the Catholic diocese of Stockholm, please go to the English section of the website of the diocese >>